Early Years Maths Pack

Early Years Maths Pack 1.0

The latest resource developed specifically with younger years students in mind
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The latest resource to be added to our software collection has been developed specifically with younger years students in mind.
A highly visual collection of dynamic resources designed specifically for K-2 years. This comprehensive set of resources covers key areas of Counting, Adding and Subtracting, Measures, Shape and Space, and Problem solving. Each activity is presented in a clear, simple and easy to use format which is ideal for use with younger children, with or without an IWB.

Make and Take
Make or take away items from the screen. Arrange into either vertical or horizontal lines. Count reliably up to 10 everyday objects (first to 5, then to 10, then beyond), giving just one number name to each object.

Drag the correct labels to the corresponding group of counters. The counters can be dragged within their own square to aid counting.

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